AK 47 Strain




Description of Cherry AK-47 Strain

The AK-47 assault rifle is one of the most extensively used assault guns in the world. The fact that Cherry AK-47 is a strain tells us a few things. One is that it most likely tastes like cherries. Another factor has to do with the way it functions.
As it turns out, this strain is appropriately called, as it has the potential to produce a psychedelic-like head high. Use a modest amount for a semi-automatic cerebral high, or go all out and let the strain go completely automatic with narcotic-like effects, just like an assault weapon.


Despite the powerful stench it emits, the flavor is not overpowered by it. While there is a tinge of diesel in the scent, it tastes more like citrus with a hint of sweet cherry.

Medicinal Uses

Some medical marijuana users utilize the Cherry AK-47 to help them cope with sadness. This strain is one of the few that has the potential to reverse the advantages due to physiological response or, in certain situations, overuse.
Most people who use this strain see a significant reduction in their stress levels. As a result, some people can better manage other mental conditions that generate stress in the first place, such as depression. Another well-known advantage of Cherry AK-47 is pain alleviation.

Side Effects

Guns, especially a powerful assault rifle, are not for everyone. Similarly, the Cherry AK-47 strain is not suitable for everyone. Consumers may experience dizziness as a result of the cerebral high’s strength. This strain is not recommended for use during the day for that reason alone. Furthermore, it has the potential to increase rather than decrease one’s anxiety, and to a degree, it has the potential to make one feel paranoid.

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