Grand Daddy Purple Strain




Grand Daddy Purple Strain Description

Grand Daddy Purple Strain is a popular strain with a high THC content of around 21% and sweet candy-like tastes. It’s a mix between Big Bud and Purple Urkle, and it’s a powerful hybrid. It will immediately take action and leave you feeling calm and fantastic. This strain smells like grapes, berries, and candy, and it tastes like grapes, berries, and candy, making it a true feast for the senses.


Grand Daddy Purple Strain tastes like grapes and berries, just how it smells. It smells like an earthy pine combined with the sweetness of citrus fruits. Its exhale has also been compared to that of a grape popsicle, according to some.

Medicinal Uses

The fact that Granddaddy Purple was created for medicinal patients in California leads you to believe that this cannabis strain is loaded with therapeutic properties – an idea that is entirely correct.

GDP is used to treat a variety of medical diseases and disorders, both physical and emotional. Physically, Granddaddy Purps is perhaps most known for numbing pain, particularly in those suffering from chronic pain, which may be quite debilitating.

Side Effects

Dehydration and the impression of a dry mouth and eyes are two of the rare adverse effects of Grand Daddy Purple that have been documented. Mild instances of dizziness and, on rare occasions, psychosis are other negative effects of GDP. Some people have reported that it gives them a minor but lasting headache.

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