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Lemon OG Kush Strain Description

Lemon OG Kush Strain The earthy aroma of Kush has made it famous all over the world. Its sticky buds have a lemony, zesty scent that appeals to your senses. During cultivation, the loud perfume of this strain should fill the air with the scent of a pine forest.

This pot has a fresh, earthy flavor about it. Spice and wood flavors are to be expected. This bud has been described as tasting like it was thrown on a BBQ grill before being smoked by some users. It has pleasant earthy undertones with hints of pine, herbs, and spice, as well as the flavor of fresh lemons.


If you’ve ever stuffed your nose into a jar of top-shelf OG Kush, you’ll know that the nuggets have one of nature’s freshest scents – vividly reminiscent of being lost in a dank, old growth forest.

The aroma of the strain is woodsy, piney, and earthy all at once, and it hits your taste senses with a lively, rabbit-like stab right away. Furthermore, with not-so-subtle overtones of lime, lemon, and spice – as well as delicate traces of citrusy splash – it can surprise even the most jaded of self-proclaimed stoners.

Medicinal Uses

If you’re using OG Kush to treat stress, depression, anxiety, or any other mental ailment, most experts advise smoking only a small quantity or eating a low-dose edible. This is because, in terms of the onset of anxiety and paranoia, excessive THC usage while dealing with a mental disorder might potentially do more harm than help. Know what your limitations are and stick to them.

If you’re suffering from insomnia or a lack of sleep, though, a higher dose of the OG Kush strain may be more beneficial. This will help to address the problem head-on while also reducing the risk of missing out on whole-plant advantages. You could want to look for a full-spectrum edible, concentrate, or other consumable form of the strain to get a greater dose.

Side Effects

Consumers usually report dry lips and dry eyes as a common side effect when trying out OG Kush cannabis, but don’t worry about it; it’s readily prevented by drinking hydrating drinks – and applying moisturizing eye drops – as needed.

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