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Rockstar OG Strain Descrption

Rockstar OG Strain is a well-known and potent indica marijuana strain from British Columbia. This skunky and spicy bud has aromatic notes of pine, berry, and florals that will lift your mood with a slight sense of sedation, melt your body into a deep relaxation, and has the potential to put you in a full-on couch-lock if you’re a novice. The dense, spear-shaped bright green nugs with deep orange hairs covered in white trichomes are ideal for relaxing at the end of the day.


While the strain has a mild minty aroma, it is the menthol that makes it smooth and easy on the throat. Not to mention that it’s also a little cool. Some of its aroma lingers, but it’s the fruity flavor of berry that makes it truly delicious.

Medicinal Uses

The majority of folks who use Rockstar Kush fall asleep. As a result, this strain could be beneficial to persons who have difficulty sleeping.

In terms of mental health, the full-body relaxation it provides helps to cleanse the mind and relieve stress. Even people who are depressed may find it beneficial to some extent. Stop the negative thoughts, even only for a time, and go to sleep.

Side Effects

Although Rockstar Kush may not have a high THC content, it is nevertheless a strong strain. Some individuals may underestimate it merely because of its tenderness. In reality, it’s a strong hit, and too much of it can cause a variety of side effects.
Dry mouth and eyes are common side effects of marijuana use. For the benefits it gives, this is considered the normal compromise.

However, as compared to other strains, it has a higher proclivity for causing dizziness. This is usually when the effects start to get stronger.

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